Teachers work tirelessly to serve our students, schools, and future. Know a teacher who is full of HOPE? Please nominate them and share what makes them a hopeful, positive, or encouraging teacher. Selected teachers will be featured on our website and social media!


Current Teachers

Courtney Krauss

4th Grade, Fort Worth Country Day

JUNE 5, 2023– Courtney just finished her third year as a teacher at Fort Worth Country Day. This was her first year teaching 4th grade, and she fell in love with the grade level! Courtney received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Oklahoma and her master’s in teaching from TCU’s College of Education.

Why do you think it’s important to remind your students to have hope? There are so many pressures on students today that they can lose sight of the big picture. Having hope helps them remember that it’s okay to have tough days and make mistakes. Having hope helps us grow and look ahead.

How have you remained hopeful during difficult times? I hold on to hope by practicing gratitude. Reminding myself of all of the good in my life can get me through those harder times!

What’s your favorite thing about teaching? My favorite thing about teaching is when a student has an “aha” moment and I see the light bulb turn on. It’s just as rewarding for me as it is for that student! I also cherish the relationships that I form with my students and their families that continue to grow year after year.

What makes your school awesome? My school has a tight-knit community feel that extends from Junior Kindergarten all the way through 12th grade. We find ways to bring students from every division together, and I appreciate that about our campus!

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