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“We could all use a little Hope right now! Wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated, this will be a staple on my bookshelf for years to come!”

-Amazon reviewer

“This story has a great message about holding onto hope!”

@asunnydayinfirstgrade, 1st grade teacher & blogger

“A sweet story your students will love!”

@the_reading_roundup, Elementary Reading Specialist

“Great message, delightful illustrations, and a fresh layout… Can’t wait to see your next adventure with Hope!”

-Kim, mother of 2 and former teacher

“A true gem!”

Goodreads reviewer

“Now my grade is part of the Hope the Dog fan club!”

@ms_kemp_teaches_1st, 1st grade teacher and blogger

“Such a great story. Looking forward to the next book.”

-Facebook reviewer

“… the sweetest story about always having hope– and it has the cutest dog in it! I love this and can’t wait to share it with my little friends!”

-Becky, Kindergarten teacher

“Just precious… I’m certain it will delight and bring HOPE to many.”

-Susan, Licensed Professional Counselor

“Beautifully written and illustrated… about friendship and holding on to hope. After a year filled with many ups and downs, we could all use a little Hope in our lives.”

@storiesbystorie, Children’s Book Reviewer

“We received the precious gift yesterday. What an amazing gift at such a perfect time. My granddaughter lost her mom two weeks ago after battling cancer. How wonderful to give her a book on HOPE.”

Aridina, grandmother

“Everyone should have a taste of Hope in their lives!”

Advanced reader review

“A message of hope and encouragement for children and adults alike.”

Goodreads reviewer

“My kids loved reading about Hope! This book not only has a darling theme around never losing hope, but it could also be used for a variety of mini lessons! It’s chalked full of vivid vocabulary words & would make a great mentor text for crafting sentences.” 

@skatingthroughliteracy, 3rd grade literacy coach

“… with everything going on it was nice to get something positive in the mail!”

-Mike, reader and new father

“Hope will bring joy to your classroom!”

@missbakerinfirst, teacher and blogger

“My students were big fans and they were able to make so many connections to what we’re going through these days with the message of hope.”

@abramacademics, 3rd grade teacher & blogger

“A read aloud everyone needs right now.”

Goodreads review

“… a darling and inspirational story!! Just what we all need right now.”

-Amazon reviewer

“Such an inspiring story for all ages, dog lovers or not! Thank you, Hope!”

Advanced reader review

“…Shared with my fourth grade students and it sparked a rich conversation. The illustrations are gorgeous. Ordering more as gifts!”

-Amazon reviewer

 “I gave this book to my little nieces for Christmas. Lily, age 5, reads it every single day. It’s her favorite book!!”

-Facebook reviewer

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