Making of the Book

Dreaming! Sketching and writing ideas for a story about Hope!

Real life moments that inspired the book!

Revising and editing– Hope loves glasses!

Sending initial illustration ideas to Leah!

Reviewing illustrated pages and text layout. Initial character sketches!

Working in the home studio!! Lots to get done!

Sending final files to the printer! Hope hit “send.” 🙂

The awesome printing team in China sent us a sneak peek!

The PP (pre-production) sample arrives! Hope can’t wait to open the package.

Seeing the sample book for the first time! Yay!

Here come the books off the printing press!

The printing machines!

Packing up the books!

After a journey across the ocean (via boat!) and across the country (via train!), the books are finally here! Hope did the unveiling!

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